Daria 2010_0001“We may go to the moon, but that’s not very far.The greatest distance we have to cover still lies within us.” Charles De Gaulle

Fun on the Spectrum, Autistic Aspergers, Inc is a non-profit venture to assist and train parents, children, young adults, families, educators and professionals how to transform the lives of those who have been diagnosed with autism using proprietary, trademarked and copyrighted techniques and protocols developed over 30 years.

CEO– Daria Brezinski, PhD is a Psychologist who specializes in Autistic Asperger Children and Young Adults, Cyber Bullying, Hacking and Texting, Soft Skills Expertise. She is also a professor, internationally renowned motivational speaker and author, national consultant and mentor, TV/Radio show host who took an overarching, circuitous and unconventional path towards business, health, education and parenting in search of practical, logical, humane, out-of-the-box solutions to problems and issues that give meaning, purpose, value and depth to life. As an advocate for Autistic Young Adults, she assists individuals to navigate through lifetime issues, business stumbling blocks, the education, health, legal and financial mazes as well as teaches and coaches from a holistic perspective.

As coach, mentor, professor & psychologist, Training Individual Voices to Make Informed Choices through:

• Customize and Execute individually designed Soft Skills training programs towards school and career success.
• Training whole families to transform behaviors
• Teaching autistic individuals how to navigate the cyber security and social networking landscape and analyze their internet footprint.
• Designing and Mobilizing over 50 individual apprenticeship programs to explore career options that are commensurate with their abilities, knowledge, passions & enthusiasm
• Negotiating partnerships between businesses and young people who are seeking career opportunities and job placement
• Slash job seeking timetable investigation in 1/2 for individuals
• Within this demographic, generated a 100% track record with Autistic Young Adults placing them in independent living and jobs.

Young people learn how to:
 maximize youth assets while recasting deficits
 diminish & circumvent unnecessary time spent & financial expenditures towards career exploration & training
 augment and convey the scope of resources available towards independent living, job placement by connecting businesses with students
 develop internships for potential employees
 avoid expending youths time in ill-suited career pursuits
 recognize how to capitalize on their peculiar character issues

1. Are schools preparing autistic youths with life skills?
2. What discoveries are there while working with autistic young adults?
3. What ages are important to reach?
4. Are older adults autistic?
5. Can all Asperger young adults become independent?
6. Is there any specific cause that has been isolated that determines whether a child is autistic?
7. What kinds of trouble do autistic young adults face or get into because of their disability?
8. How do you capitalize on their strengths?
9. What is their employment potential?
10. How can employers capitalize on autistic strengths?

Daria Brezinski, PhD has for thirty years, researched educational systems, family living models, holistic health modalities, ecological solutions, religious influences, birthing practices, neurophysiological breakthroughs, child-related legislation, genetics and laws around the world, authored publications on a variety of these topics and mentioned in as many more which include Forbes Magazine, US News and World Report, AHP Journal (Association for Humanistic Psychology), New York Times, Echo (alternative magazine), In Business Journal, WABC, WNBC, PBS. As Ambassador of Transformation, she implemented and championed for legislation to establish a more humane, relevant educational system.

Currently, she is Executive Director of Cyber Security Savvy (for profit) and What Wize Women Want, Inc (non-profit) that Encourages Women’s Voices to Make Informed Choices. As an advocate and counselor for Autistic Young Adults, she assists clients to navigate through lifetime issues, business stumbling blocks, the education, health, legal and financial mazes as well as teaches and coaches from a holistic perspective including as college professor. Besides this, her business accomplishments include her business accomplishments include: a holistic health center (Life Creations™), the first environmentally friendly wholesale/retail store (Earthwise: A Green Store™), women’s promotional/educational enterprise (What Wize Women Want™). Dr. Brezinski is the host of TV Show- What Wize Women Want™ and radio program- Children Come First™. She has a penetrative online presence.

As president of Integrated Learning Systems®, she designed a new educational infrastructure implemented at Holma College in Höör, Sweden where she was president.

Classroom lectures include the University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Rosemont College, Harcum Junior College, Philadelphia Community College, Drexel University as well lectures and workshops in cities across the globe- Atlanta, Savannah, Penn State, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London and Stockholm. Her expertise was brought to bare while testifying at hearings for: PA Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Corrections, Department of Environmental Protection, PA House of Representatives, United Nations and Whole Life Expos. In her early years, she was a Director of Head Start, a Day Care and the YMCA. Professional memberships include Professional Women’s Business Network, National Association of Women Business Owners, Chamber of Commerce, Executive Women’s Circle, Delta Kappa Gamma, American Alternative Medical Association, Association of Humanistic Psychology and Association of Transpersonal Psychology. As a community advocate, Dr. Daria has been instrumental in starting a recycling center, building a skateboard park, and advocating for youth activities. Last but not least, her personal life is rich with experiences through mothering her children.